I’m a researcher, writer and speaker whose interests spiral around data and culture with particular specialties in artificial intelligence, biotechnology and health. I consult, speak and work in the areas where these themes meet, producing varied materials -reports, fictions, events, tools- depending on a project’s needs.

Examples include researching bioinformaticians’ workflows and practice in order to design new tools for genetics research and publish a peer reviewed paper, researching public opinion on the commercialisation of health data for a report for the Wellcome Trust, exploring the ethical and regulatory frame of artificial intelligence in government decisions in events, integrating research with fiction for a plausible, optimistic future of the NHS, writing and editing one collection of stories and essays exploring a post-antibiotic apocalypse and another on the future of collective intelligence.

I’ve consulted for the Wellcome Trust, Ipsos Mori and the BBC, the Cabinet Office’s Big Data Ethics board, the Government Office of Science and the Science Museum’s Big Data exhibit. I write regularly for New Scientist.

Get in touch: hi@lydianicholas.com or @lydnicholas